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Game Characters
Astarion Gale Lae'zel Shadowheart Wyll

Vampire spawn

Astarion prowled the night as a vampire spawn for centuries, serving a sadistic master until he was snatched away. Now he can walk in the light and has the chance at a new life, but how long can he keep his past buried?

Wizard prodigy

Gale is a wizard prodigy whose love for a goddess made him attempt a dread feat no mortal should. Blighted by the forbidden magic of ancient Netheril, Gale strives to undo the corruption that is overtaking him and win back his goddess’ favour before he becomes a destroyer of worlds.

Ferocious warrior

Lae'zel is a ferocious Githyanki warrior, mighty even by the standards of her mind flayer-hunting kind. Faced with transforming into the very monster she's sworn to destroy, Lae'zel must prove herself worthy of rejoining her people - if they don't execute her first.

Loyal warrior

A loyal cleric of Shar, Shadowheart is the sole survivor of a holy mission undertaken on the Mistress of the Night’s behest. She alone must deliver a relic of immense power to her coven in Baldur’s Gate, while threatened by a strange new magic that is burgeoning from within.

A living legend

Noble by birth, Wyll made his name as the heroic 'Blade of Frontiers'. But to become a living legend, he struck a bargain with a devil, a bargain from which he longs to break free before it consumes his soul for good.
Date: 17.02.2022

Baldur's Gate 3: Absolute Frenzy - Barbarian

News & Updates

Community Update #16: Of Valour and Lore

Hello again, friends! I come to you today with a fresh Community Update to ring in the release of our latest patch, Patch #8: Of Valour and Lore. As you may have already gleaned from the title, today’s update introduces a playable class: Bards! 

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