March 7, 2024

Hotfix #21 is now live!

Hello everyone,

A nice new hotfix is now available for Baldur’s Gate 3 on PC, PS5, and Mac, taking aim at several bugs, crashes, and blockers. We’ve also restored the ability to send items to specific camp companions while outside of camp - so feel free to send all your heavy items to Karlach for easy access. She can handle the strain, don’t worry. 

Xbox players, Hotfixes #20 and #21 are still undergoing testing for your platform. We found a crash bug exclusive to your platform, so we’re taking the time to investigate and solve that issue, so your future adventures go a little smoother. Unfortunately, this means that currently, cross-saves will not be loadable on Xbox if they come from platforms that have already been updated to Hotfixes #20 or #21. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and are working to bring these hotfixes to Xbox as soon as possible.

As with previous updates, if you’re experiencing any issues after installing this latest hotfix, please check whether the issue still persists with all mods uninstalled. If you continue to experience this issue after uninstalling mods, please contact our support team and submit a full report to help us solve your issue.

We continue to work on further fixes and patches, but in the meantime, thank you for playing Baldur’s Gate 3.

Please note that there may be some spoilers in the below fixes - you have been warned!



  • Fixed a crash related to Avatars no longer being in the party.
  • Fixed a potential blocker where having Gale sacrifice himself atop the Netherbrain would kill your character, leaving you as a mote in the epilogue, unable to talk to anyone.
  • Fixed a multiplayer bug causing your character to get stuck if you have the Eavesdrop option active and try to pick a lock at the same time as another player triggers a cinematic dialogue.
  • Added some extra error checks for when the game fails to load a save.
  • Fixed a crash on Xbox that could occur when 2 clients join at the same time.
  • Fixed a crash on Xbox that could occur when pressing Left or Right Trigger.
  • Fixed a crash during the transition between a dialogue with Dame Aylin and Shadowheart's dream about her childhood.
  • Fixed a crash when switching characters in Character Creation.


  • Made the 'Sell Wares' and 'Offer Wares' buttons work for all party members in a trading session instead of just the character with the wares in their inventory.
  • Enabled multiselection in the Trade UI for keyboard and mouse. Also fixed 'Buy Back' prices.
  • Fixed a bug causing party gold to initially be set to 0 when trading or bartering, giving you an 'Insufficient Gold' warning, no matter how much you actually had.
  • Fixed 'Send To' not showing camp characters in the context menu when selecting multiple items.
  • Selling a container to a trader and then swapping to a different character in the Trade/Barter UI no longer allows you to use ‘Take All’ to transfer the trader’s stock to your inventory.
  • Restored the ability to send items to camp companions while outside of the camp. Many of you felt this was a nice quality-of-life feature, so it's back!
  • Fixed a bug letting you place equipment into incompatible equipment slots. Please take those gloves off your feet.
  • Fixed long Waypoint names sometimes clipping in the map on keyboard and mouse.
  • Restored the 'Send To' and 'Pick Up' options in the context menu for items in the Traveller's Chest.
  • Fixed a bug where rebinding the left mouse button would remove its functionality, preventing you from clicking.
  • Fixed the 'Sort By' function not working properly for containers and inventories when sorting by the same filter twice in a row.
  • Fixed the 'Sort By' function not working for corpse inventories.
  • Fixed an exploit that could give you free items from a trader by quickly escaping the Trade UI while dragging an item to the Barter UI inventory.
  • Fixed the Upcast view on the hotbar closing prematurely when you change your Upcast selection, forcing you to choose the maximum number of targets. Also fixed the hotbar incorrectly reflecting the current spell state after you change your Metamagic selection.


  • Fixed a dialogue not triggering after destroying the Steel Watch Foundry if all the Gondians, including Zanner, died.
  • Fixed a bug causing Minthara to keep repeating a greeting that also happened to be a nice little Act III spoiler.
  • Fixed a bug causing the owlbear cub to disappear from camp. Little buddy just got lost.
  • Fixed the crime dialogue for trespassing getting spammed beside the Steel Watch Foundry if you triggered the alarmed door and then saved the game within the forbidden area outside the Foundry.
  • Fixed an edgecase where having Minthara around could teleport the party back to the Emerald Grove instead of the Lower City.
  • Fixed Wyll's quest not starting when you recruit him by replacing another companion with him.
  • Fixed the 'Enemy of Justice' condition applying to your player character upon reaching Créche Y'llek or the Shadow-Cursed Lands if you knocked out Minthara in a previous region, or upon reaching the Lower City if you killed a guard at Moonrise Towers and Araj Oblodra witnessed it.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would not realise knocked-out Minthara had been defeated in Act I if you took a Long Rest between knocking her out and defeating the other goblin leaders.


  • You can no longer save your game while the credits are rolling. This is to prevent issues with the game not knowing which state to load.
  • Fixed players not being able to join a friend's game on Xbox.
  • You can now cancel the lobby search function with the B button on Xbox.
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