February 22, 2024

Hotfix #19 Now Live!

EDIT 23/02/2024: Hotfix 19 is now live for PS5 and Xbox as well! 

Hello everyone,

Hotfix #19 has now begun rolling out to PC, with consoles to follow!

This hotfix aims to resolve some further bugs, glitches, and crashes. We are also actively working on further fixes that cover several community-submitted issues with Patch 6, and really appreciate your patience as we prepare to deliver this.

We want to continue making sure you’re getting the best possible experience, which is why we frequently patch the game, although this does inevitably mean that each new patch or hotfix has the potential to become incompatible with your favourite mods. 

If you’re experiencing issues after installing the latest update, please check whether the issue persists with your mods uninstalled. If you continue to experience issues after uninstalling mods, please reach out to our support team with your report. 

We’re still working on bringing Patch 6 to Mac players, and will update you all when we’re closer to release.

Thank you for playing Baldur’s Gate 3!


  • Fixed some conditions on items in Tactician Mode not getting removed when changing to an easier difficulty.
  • Fixed user/controller assignments on Xbox being wrong in some cases.
  • Fixed multiplayer invites on Xbox not being correctly handled in some cases.
  • Fixed some lines that were getting cut off in the dialogue with the Flaming Fists trying to force their way into Waukeen's Rest and in the dialogue with the talking door in Auntie Ethel's lair.
  • Fixed a possible softlock when the Reaction UI is triggered while in the Multiplayer UI.
  • Fixed a performance issue when initiating a trade on Honour Mode.
  • Fixed a crash on Minthara's turn in combat in the Emerald Grove.
  • Brought back the numbers on the sliders in Character Creation due to popular demand.
  • Fixed a bug causing Group Hide to also affect ungrouped party members.
  • Fixed a crash when loading modded savegames that reference unknown conditions.
  • Fixed a crash on selecting a spell with Metamagic active while also having a filter enabled in the hotbar.
  • Fixed a hotbar bug when selecting multiple targets for Eldritch Blast.
  • Fixed a hotbar bug when toggling off Metamagic while casting a spell.
  • Fixed the misalignment of bonuses on Active Rolls on controller. (We had to do the right thing to fix this left issue.)
  • Fixed a couple of kisses with Minthara and Lae'zel that weren't aligning properly.
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