January 15, 2024

Hotfix #17 Now Live!

Hello everyone,

We’ve amended some of the items below to make sure that we’re continuing to remain transparent, and can provide you with further clarification in relation to some of the fixes!

Work is still ongoing to ensure future updates for Mac players will arrive alongside PC versions, and Mac players can expect to receive both Hotfix 16 & 17, together in an update which we’ll be able to talk more about soon.

If you’re experiencing issues after installing the latest update, please check whether the issue persists with your mods uninstalled. As mods aren’t officially supported at the moment, some installed mods may become temporarily incompatible with new patches and hotfixes.
If the issue persists after uninstalling the mods, please reach out to our support team with your report!

Thank you, truly, for taking the time to submit these issues to us, and for sharing your feedback. For more details on the fixes in Hotfix #17, please read on!

If you do have any bugs to report, please continue to reach out to our support team

Thank you for playing Baldur’s Gate 3.

SPOILERS - Please bear in mind some of the entries below might contain spoilers, proceed at your own risk 



  • [Fixed] Black and colourful visual artefacts sometimes appearing for 1 frame on PS5 when switching scenes or opening and closing UI windows.
  • [Fix Submitted] Error 544

    We have increased the compression of savegames, which should fix several issues caused by large savegame files, including some instances of the Error 544 message. We have also reduced the size of save files by removing summons that don't exist in the game anymore.
  • Guarded against crashes caused when certain character resources (Actions, Bonus Actions, Superiority Dice, etc.) were added and later removed by a mod or cheat engine.


  • [Fixed] In Honour Mode, the aura of Cazador's [spoiler]Potent Mist Form[/spoiler] now properly dissipates after he's [spoiler]no longer in Mist Form[/spoiler]. Sorry!
  • [Fixed] The camera sometimes zooming in while jumping or casting projectile spells.
  • [Fixed] The ability to walk through open doors when you click beyond them from far away.
  • [Fixed] Thieves' Tools in the camp chest or inventory of a companion who is waiting at camp not being accessible when lockpicking.


  • [Fixed] Safeguard Shield's Saving Throw modifier is now correctly reflected on the Character Sheet.


  • [Fixed] Gale will no longer permanently leave the party if you don't offer him any magic items while talking to him – unless you're abundantly clear that you don't plan on ever doing so.

    This is a temporary bug fix that aims to avoid Gale immediately leaving the party when players are unable to hand over an item. In Hotfix #16, we began the process of updating a player’s ability to access certain quest-related items, even if they were in the camp chest, or in the inventory of a companion waiting at camp.

    However, the UI through which items can be donated to Gale has not yet been updated, which meant that the dialogue could be triggered if the items were available elsewhere, but would not show in the UI to be donated. This risked placing players in a situation where Gale expected an item from them, and they were unable to provide one.

    With this initial fix, closing the UI or using any line other than “I’m not giving you anything. Not now, not ever” will prevent Gale from immediately abandoning your party, until the UI logic has been updated.

    If you’re keen to give Gale the boot, and don’t have an actual shoe to share in your inventory, selecting “I’m not giving you anything. Not now, not ever”, will still cause Gale to leave your party, permanently!
  • [Fixed] characters getting stuck 'in a story event', preventing you from controlling them, after getting killed in the fight with Grym.
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