August 11, 2023

Community Update #23: Here's To You

Hello, everyone!

During the launch weekend, you played a combined 1225 years of Baldur’s Gate 3 – almost as long as it took to make it. And 368 of you managed to finish it within that 3-day weekend. We salute you.

We’re about to enter the second weekend of launch, and thanks to you, it’s looking like it might be a big one. Last Thursday, we released Baldur’s Gate 3 in its final form (give or take a few hotfixes), and since, you’ve taken it into the top 10 all-time most concurrent players on Steam, and according to this Tweet, accounted for 28% of all player time on Steam last Sunday.

As we continue to look forward, releasing hotfixes and working toward our first serious patch, we also decided to look backwards this week. We’ve cooked up some statistics highlighting data from the opening weekend following launch and prepared a handy infographic outlining player choices, actions, deaths, and the like. Some inspiration as we head into our second weekend, if you will. 

93% of you decided that your first journey through Baldur’s Gate 3 will be with a custom character, which included the Dark Urge. You spent a combined 88 years in Character Creation to craft your Tavs. Perfection!

For those of you who decided to play as one of our Origin characters, Gale was the number one choice, which is funny because he’s also the seventh highest cause of death out of any other cause of death. Speaking of death, one NPC was shoved into a chasm for every player at our peak concurrent player count – roughly 815,000.

We know you’re dying to know race and class split. The majority of you rolled half-elves, with the least popular (somewhat surprisingly) being the githyanki. Kaincha! 


When it comes to classes, paladin takes the lead by some distance. Righteous! Cleric was the least popular choice, poor Shadowheart. (You can always respec Origin characters if you want!) 

Though 93% of you rolled custom Tavs, of the 7% who decided to embark on one of the Origin stories, the majority chose Gale – though Karlach and Astarion are a close tie for second place. Based on how this played out with our previous game, Divinity: Original Sin 2, players will often embark upon their first playthrough with a custom character, and then, once they've gotten to know them a little better, play their second with one of the Origins as their avatar.

Interestingly, 10% of characters made in Character Creation were there for over an hour. You perfectionists. 

The full infographic will be posted below and on social media, and once again only contains data from the game's opening weekend. After this weekend, we’ll see if things look any different! For example, although Astarion has already rejected 100,000 of you, we expect that number to climb. He must be exhausted. 

We’d like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the profound joy you've given us throughout this launch. The love and support you've shown us has lifted us up and energised us to tackle the bugs that pop up as you do the unexpected. We’ve created a game where you can do almost anything with the tools and systems we give you, and with that come a lot of unexpected surprises, but as you report them, we continue to work away on fixing them with our spirits high.

Your journeys were so full that we recently had to increase the size of savegames to allow for each individual’s personal tapestry. It was a surprise as humbling as it was serious, and serves as the perfect example of the type of unpredictable situation we work quickly to remedy. And yes, all of the hotfixes and changes that come with forthcoming patches will be reflected in the PlayStation 5 version of the game and beyond.

We have a roadmap for hotfixes and patches, thanks to your thorough reporting and the stellar work of the support and development teams behind the scenes. We don’t publish our roadmaps because we need the freedom to push and pull things around when the unforeseen happens without locking ourselves in, but we want to let you know that it’s there and that we’re currently working towards Patch 1, which will feature a gigantic list of tweaks and changes. We’ll publish these once it’s finalised. 

Enjoy the adventure! 








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