October 14, 2021

Community Update 14: Forging the Arcane

It’s that time again! For months, strange chanting could be overheard from the offices of the Larian Studios dev team, their mysterious incantations pausing only when one would leave to go accept a food delivery. But today, our team emerged from their darkened tomb. “It is finished,” they said in unison, holding up to the sky a large stone tablet into which they had carved the patch notes for our latest update.

Patch 6: Forging the Arcane is now live and it is our biggest Baldur’s Gate 3 patch to date. This new update introduces a playable Sorcerer class, a mysterious new region called Grymforge, lethal new weapon actions, a huge graphical overhaul, newly-added orchestral music to delight your ears, and hours of fresh content to explore – and that’s merely a bite-size taste of the 10 pages-worth of improvements and changes made to the game this time around. 

You can also expect to find new cinematics throughout the Underdark and Druid Grove, completely updated animations for Githyanki characters, Turkish language support, as well as something for those of you misbehaving sorts who tend to get sent to jail. And we haven’t even mentioned the equippable, dual-wield combat-salami yet.  

But there’s a lot more, so let’s take a closer look at everything you can expect to find in this latest patch.

Unleash your inner magic: Baldur’s Gate 3 gets a powerful new Sorcerer class

Sorcerers aren’t your typical magic-wielder. Unlike your bookish Wizards or soul-selling Warlocks, a Sorcerer’s abilities come from within. This class taps into their own latent power to wreak havoc in battle. 

Sorcerers receive five new spells in this update. Horrific Visage is a Tadpole Action that makes your enemy bleed and allows you to leech a Sorcery Point from them for your benefit. Chromatic Orb is a powerful single-target nuke that lets you hurl a sphere of energy at whoever deserves it most. Cloud of Daggers can be cast by Sorcerers for defense, surrounding them in a protective blanket of flying daggers. Crown of Madness, as the name suggests, sends an enemy mad and can cause them to attack their nearby allies. And finally, Enlarge/Reduce alters the size of a character while also affecting their physical stats, which is likewise what my body has been doing throughout the entirety of lockdown.

But a Sorcerer’s foremost ability is Metamagic. This is their signature skill which allows you to modify your spells in battle, making you a dynamic and unpredictable force to be reckoned with. With Metamagic, a Sorcerer can increase their spell’s range or duration, hit two enemies at once, or purchase other powerful spell variations using Sorcery Points gained as they level up. And just imagine the kind of devastation you can unleash when applying this ability strategically toward spells cast by other magic-wielders.

As any D&D fan worth their dice knows, Sorcerers are available in two flavours: Wild Magic and Draconic Bloodline. Both subclasses have their own particular set of strengths, abilities, and visual look. 

The Wild Magic Sorcerer is a manipulator of chance and magic. Using their Tides of Chaos ability, they swing the battle in their favour by gaining advantage of attack rolls, ability checks, or saving throws. But with every swing there is also a roundabout. And for every successful gain a Wild Magic Sorcerer receives, they also have a chance of being on the receiving end of a random effect. Some positive – like gaining teleport as a bonus action – and some, ah, less good – like setting everyone on fire. 

This is what happens if your grandpa married a dragon.

Draconic Bloodline Sorcerers on the other hand possess spell-casting abilities passed down through their dragon ancestry. Each Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer reaps the benefits of their dragon lineage, and can harness the damage-type possessed by their ancestor: Fire, Acid, Poison, Lightning, or Cold. Was your great-grandma a Red Dragon? If so, you’ll be able to wield Fire abilities like Burning Hands. Additionally, this subclass gets an extra hit point with every level gained, meaning they’re quite the powerful adversary in combat. And as you can see in the image above, you will be able to customize the look of your Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer with a variety of dragon facial designs so scaley not even the heaviest of moisturizers can soften them. 

New weapon actions - combat just got a lot more interesting

But Forging the Arcane isn't just about magic.
In this patch, we wanted to ensure that fans of melee and ranged combat gain even more tactical agency during fights next time they jump back in to BG3. Thus, we've introduced new Weapon Actions.

So what does that mean exactly? Well, characters who are proficient in a particular melee or ranged weapon will now have up to three signature moves at their disposal, giving you new ways to eviscerate any nearby Goblin who happens to look at you funny. The aim here is to ensure players will experience melee actions closer in line to those dreamt up during a tabletop D&D game.

Smash an enemy's chest to damage and potentially reduce their actions by one with the new Heartstopper move, target an enemy's hands with a non-lethal Weakening Strike attack to give disadvantage on Attack Rolls, or hit an enemy with all your might for a chance at dazing them with a Concussive Smash. But please do not use these new moves on the Owlbear as our hearts can't handle it. For the full list of new Weapon Actions, have a gander at the patch notes at the bottom of the page. 

Blood, mud, and a huge graphical upgrade

Baldur’s Gate 3 has received a substantial graphical overhaul in this patch, and its effects are far-reaching. Not only have we improved the visuals of the game-world as a whole, this update also affects the characters themselves. 

Now as you adventure forth with your party, you and your companions will become more bloodied, muddied, and bruised with each consecutive fight – based on their HP. Finally, inspiration for my Astarion-in-Bubble-Bath fanart. 

But it’s the overarching graphical changes that we think you’ll be impressed by the most. In this update we’ve made huge improvements to Faerun’s visual depth, implementing directional and volumetric lighting, applying fresh colour grading throughout, introducing new particle effect techniques, as well as real-time clouds, atmospheric scattering, volumetric fog, and other visual upgrades that make the game look better than ever before. Feast your eyes on the strategically-placed before-and-after GIF below, which will give you a taste of just how much has changed.

Welcome to Grymforge – A new region hidden in the depths of the Underdark

This is the big one. Baldur’s Gate 3 now has a new region: Grymforge. TADAAAM! TATATATATA TADAAAM!

Grymforge is an ancient Sharran fortress accessible through the Underdark, by way of Ebonlake. This new region takes you past the point where Early Access ended, continuing your journey a little further into a sinister lair where shadowy chambers are lit by the rivers of magma that surround you. 

So what can you expect to find here? Grymforge promises hours of new content for you to dive back into, with new questlines, choices, cinematics, complex combat encounters, and characters who we know will whet the appetite of many a D&D fan. No I’m not telling you who. We won’t spoil things for you but we can’t wait for you to check it out for yourself and tell us know what you think. In the meantime, take a peak below:

Property Brothers, eat your heart out.

So what else can you expect in this update? 

Forging the Arcane is chalk-full with improvements and fixes, many of which were requested directly by you, the community. Let’s have a look at a few of them.   

In Patch 6, we have solved a common issue in which NPCs occasionally completely freak out at a Druid’s Wildshape form when it’s no longer active. NPCs have now each been put through thorough exposure therapy and are no longer afraid of phantom Wildshapes. In addition, we’ve fixed an issue where Fezzerk’s goblins would attack Wyll on sight instead of starting his dialogue, which we felt was pretty rude.  

We have also made numerous improvements with combat and character balancing. For instance, we’ve updated the high ground rule, making it so you’ll now receive a bonus on attack rather than an advantage/disadvantage. We’ve also tweaked Shadowheart’s Ability score, reducing her CHA and increasing her STR. Issues with Mobile feat have also been solved, and Concentration throws are now displayed via the overhead roll UI. 

To make your in-game experience all the better, this update includes an option to add a semi-transparent background to text and we have increased the font size of dialogue for those who have found themselves squinting uncomfortably at their monitor while reading their screens in the past. All of this can be set and customised in the settings menu, at your leisure. And we've also included an option to reduce the default frequency that characters say lines as you point-and-click your way through your adventure. This is now tied to a slider, giving you more control over how much chatter you’d like to hear as you explore. 

But perhaps the most important fix of them all: Scratch the Dog can now accept pets again.

Forging the Arcane is available to play immediately following Panel From Hell 4 on Thursday, October 14th. Be sure to check out Baldur's Gate 3 to experience all the latest changes for yourself, and let us know what you think. We can’t wait to hear!

And with that, let’s unfurl the patch notes!

Baldur’s Gate 3 - Patch 6 notes


  • Added new Grymforge region, an ancient Sharran fortress featuring new content, quests, combat, and mysterious NPCs to face. Added setup for several Grymforge quests in the Underdark.
  • Added new Sorcerer class, featuring two unique subclasses: Wild Magic and Draconic Bloodline. - Wild Magic: Embrace chaos and manipulate the forces of chance to gain advantage on attack rolls, ability checks, or saving throws - and potentially trigger a random effect in doing so. Examples include putting everyone around you on fire, gaining teleport as a bonus action or summoning a hostile mephit!
    Draconic Bloodline: Channel the powers of your dragon ancestors and wield deadly fire, lightning, acid, poison, or cold damage to destroy your enemies.
  • Sorcerers of Draconic Bloodline will also gain a spell that matches the ancestor, for example Red Dragon provides access to Burning Hands
  • You also gain access to a unique visual customization option in the form of the draconic scales.
  • New Sorcerer spells were added:
    • Horrific Visage: A new Tadpole Action that makes your enemy bleed and allows the Sorcerer to leech a Sorcery Point off of them.
    • Enlarge/Reduce: This new spell alters a character's size, affecting their physical stats in the process.
    • Chromatic Orb: A powerful new single-target nuke that allows Sorcerers to hurl a sphere of energy at their foes.
    • Cloud of Daggers: This spell protects the caster, surrounding them in a cloud of flying daggers.
    • Crown of Madness: As the name suggests, this spell sends an enemy mad, and can cause them to attack their nearby allies.
  • Metamagic: Metamagic is the Sorcerer's signature feature which allows you to adapt your spells in the heat of combat. With it, you can increase a spell's range, duration, or hit two enemies simultaneously, among other powerful variations on your spells - making you a powerful and unpredictable presence in battle.
  • Added new weapon actions, giving ranged and melee weapons up to three lethal signature moves - now non-magic wielders have more options at their disposal in combat as long as they are proficient with the weapon.
    • Heartstopper: Smash an enemy's chest to damage and possibly reduce their actions by one.
    • Weakening Strike: Target an enemy's hands with a non-lethal attack to give disadvantage on its Attack Rolls.
    • Crippling Strike: Swing at an enemy's legs to prevent them from moving.
    • Pommel Strike: Make a non-lethal attack against an enemy to possibly Daze them.
    • Piercing Strike: Stab an enemy to damage them that possibly left a Gaping Wounds.
    • Backbreaker: Put extra force behind your strike to possibly knock your enemy Prone.
    • Flourish: Feint an attack to possibly throw your enemy Off Balance.
    • Concussive Smash: Hit an enemy with all your might to deal damage and possibly Daze them.
    • Brace: Spend your movement speed to reroll your damage dice.
    • Prepare: Spend your movement speed to get an extra damage.
    • Piercing Shot: Shoot an enemy to damage them that possibly left a Gaping Wounds.
    • Mobile Shot: Make a Ranged Attack after you dash or disengage.
  • Massive graphical overhaul. 
    • Completely revamped lighting system with volumetric fog/lighting.
    • Added translucency.
    • Added atmospheric scattering.
    • Added dynamic clouds.
    • Local directional lights.
    • Added completely new colour grading and much improved tonemapper and HDR rendering. 
    • All particles are lit by environment and Global illumination.
    • Added support for DLSS 2.3.
    • Added support for AMD FSR.
  • New orchestral music pack.
  • New songs in menu and camp.
  • Characters will become dirty, sweaty, bloodied and bruised during their adventures.
  • BG3 is now available in Turkish


  • Added options to increase font size in dialogues and added a semi-transparent background. These can be set and customized in the settings menu.
  • Traders now default to the trade rather than the barter interface.
  • You can now drag items in the trade menu.
  • You can add bonuses after re-roll.
  • Implemented Cut, Copy, and Paste actions for textboxes like Direct Connect and Twitch Extension Secret Key.
  • Updated the point-and-click frequency setting to a slider.
  • Added race tooltip in the examine panel.
  • When a weapon is disarmed, overhead text is now displayed above the affected character.
  • Concentration saving throws are now displayed via overhead roll UI.
  • Enemy portraits now display concentration.
  • Fixed displaced scrollbar when having race-specific skills added during level-up.
  • Chance UI now correctly displays bonuses from enchanted equipment.
  • Spell container now has a close button.
  • You can now split big stacks within the camp chest.


  • Cinematic polish and improvements for lookats, animation blending, scene snapping, question cameras & updates to rigs and animations. 
  • We improved the camera system to make camera control feel more fluid.
  • Refined some of the background goals in Early Access levels and added new ones in the Grymforge area.
  • We’ve introduced a new Goblin prison and updated most Goblins to give them the ability to arrest you. Misbehaving players can also be jailed (and break out) of prison in the Druid's Grove too.
  • Added a new prison grate & door where Gut locks the player up.
  • The spiders in the Goblin Camp can now jump and escape their lair. 
  • Spell targeting previews will now jump around less when suggesting alternate casting positions.
  • Tweaked start of player dialogue when accessing one of the rooms in the Dank Crypt for the first time.
  • Player characters now always comment when they have successfully detected an ambush. 
  • Improved fire VFX and environment VFX
  • Updated Spore Servant Target VFX.
  • Updated Silence status VFX.
  • Updated VFX texture compression settings for better results on low-end platforms.
  • Improvements to glowing eyes & mouth in some Speak with Dead cinematics.
  • Improved Auto-Detect graphics settings.
  • 5.1 upmix of pre-rendered intro.
  • Audio upgrade: New dynamic mixing system improves balance between combat sounds, music, and ambience.
  • Added inventory and questlog sections to the BG3 Twitch Extension. Viewers can now highlight certain items in the streamers' inventory at certain times and can also follow where streamer is situated in his current playthrough.
  • Updated Automaton animations.
  • Improved animation for Human Female characters.
  • The Githyanki race now have completely updated Gameplay animations.
  • Updated Hook Horror animations.
  • Improved wing and tail physics for Cambions. 
  • Improved multiplayer networking in congested scenarios.
  • Improved UI feedback for targeting rush spells.
  • Added trade goods to Mol within the Druid camp.
  • Made Soul Coin into a story item so Nadira won't be able to sell it.
  • Added rubble and blocked off the area under the elevator in the Druid Grove so players can't get stuck there anymore.
  • Better handling of summoning Lump and his Ogres when there is not enough room for all three.
  • Improved the camera direction when entering camp.
  • Improvements made to called guards' behaviours.
  • Improvements made to Hook Horror's alarm behaviour.
  • Added new dialogue options to Wyll's camp dialogue relating to Raphael, and added option for players to agree with Wyll in another quest path.
  • Improved Lae'zel's idle animation and scripted behaviour at camp - She now unsheathes her weapon as if ready for combat and will sharpen it if it's a sword type. 
  • The Captured Thralls in the Nautiloid have been given a new animation for laying down. 
  • Omeluum of the Society of Brilliance got a new spot for himself after being summoned, and flashy new arcane incantation animations and VFX.
  • Consuming Hag Hair has become a lot more visual with added VFX.
  • Volo's 4th book was added into the world.
  • Reworked visuals of Zhentarim wolves.
  • Went over all Novices & True Souls to give them proper prefix & title, and gave them proper Absolute outfits. 
  • Made sure that NPCs who visually wear a helmet actually do have a helmet equipped (and can drop it).
  • Updated colours and light values for Light and Dancing Lights.
  • Equippable salami, for meatier combat.
  • Slash is now called Lacerate. Rush is now called Rush Attack. Pinning Shot is now called Hamstring Shot


  • Updated the high ground rule. Now you'll receive a bonus on attack instead of advantage/disadvantage.
  • Lowered Lae'zel's approval requirements slightly for, er, "bedtime romance".
  • Silencing aggressive NPCs will now result in combat, while wimpy NPCs will flee. 
  • Additional Knockout support added to situations. 
  • Made Vine Door locked by default.
  • Adjusted AC calculations to better distinguish between base AC, ability modifiers, and bonus AC. This affects the way Draconic Resilience and Mage Armour are calculated. 
  • Changed a background goal related to Volo for the Entertainer background.
  • Made Idol of Silvanus valuable, because it is valuable.
  • Disabled ability to ignite destroyed bowls via use action.
  • Falling entities no longer apply force on impact if they don't have enough weight.
  • Effect of Tasha's Hideous Laughter is now closer to the effect of Prone condition.
  • Radiance of the Dawn now targets enemies instead of non-allied characters.
  • Player characters walking into the Blighted Village ambush while dialogue is ongoing will cause the character to be automatically added to the conversation.
  • Climbing onto the rooftops near the Blighted Village ambush now automatically reveals the ambushers. Once revealed, the ambushers will react to player characters that are not hidden and start a dialogue.
  • Reworked the way Gnoll Multiattack works - they now have a Seething Fury status that lasts for 2 turns; when it's over, the Gnoll unlocks Multiattack.
  • Re-assigned Multiattack/Seething Fury across Gnolls to make the encounters fairer.
  • Made it so that Gnolls aren't interested in picking up weapons anymore.
  • Assigned Halsin's Wildshape action the proper cost, so he does not abuse it.
  • Halsin can only use his Bear Multiattack once per fight.
  • Made it so that Harpies can now follow you anywhere you go.
  • Disabled trading with Gekh Coal until the player peacefully resolves their initial dialogue with Gekh. 
  • Removed Hunter's Mark from Olodan.
  • Nettie's bird will no longer spot you sneaking around. 
  • Fixed the imps' crossbow so that it's now a light crossbow.
  • Made Bernard & his Animated Armors immune to magical sleep. 
  • Slightly decreased Duergar HP throughout the game.
  • Tweaked The Spectator's Petrified Drow stats, equipment, visuals, spells.
  • Improved behaviour & visuals of throwable boulders around Ogres.
  • Increased chances that NPCs don't break their invisibility immediately after having applied it.
  • Animals will now not understand when their allies are magically controlled, and will not try to help them anymore.
  • Creatures made of metal are now affected completely by Heat Metal spell.
  • Adjusted the trigger area for the ambush at the Decrepit Village. 
  • Gekh's henchmen now use their innate invisibility to hide themselves for the ambush at the Decrepit Village.
  • Fishers at the crash site will react to player crimes.
  • Characters who follow another character into the Underdark via the secret entrance will die if they do not fulfill requirements to survive.
  • Made improvements to the Sleep status of the Bugbear in the abandoned village. Initiating combat will make him wake up, because no one is that sleepy.
  • Shadowheart will now react to the box being used by another character based on how far away she is from them. Using the box from the inventory will close it if needed.
  • Removed the ability to speak with Shadowheart after she runs away in the Nautiloid.
  • Rurik has been given behaviour adjustments and fixes.
  • Adjusted movement pattern for Cyrel so she does not step in her friend's blood.
  • Priestess Gut's combat AI now has a greater bias to buff herself and her allies.
  • Minotaur combat archetype added, AI now prefers targeting Bulette. 
  • Minotaur's Gore action now requires a strength saving throw to push targets. 
  • Increased the amount that the Bulette heals when it burrows.
  • The Bulette now prefers to attack monstrosities. 
  • Hook Horrors and Minotaurs now prefer attacking the Bulette.
  • Changed Torgga's armor to leather and updated her visuals to reflect the armour she wears.
  • Slightly reduced combat AI's bias to use Sleep and several other Incapacitating conditions. 
  • Combat AI can now reason about shoving allies with the intent to remove Sleep status. 
  • Combat AI now have a greater bias against damaging allies than before.
  • Fixed Inwe not having correct speed for her race as Wood Elf.
  • Halsin's Bear form now has the Dismiss Wildshape spell.
  • Added Jump spell to Cambions in the tutorial to prevent rare instances where they could get stuck.
  • Changed Rugen's equipment and changed the visuals to match.
  • Animated Armor combat AI is less smart.
  • Animated Armors and Bugbears should no longer be able to use weapon actions.
  • Weight threshold for Large creatures changed from 250kg to 200kg. 
  • Adjusted Deep Rothé calf and flaming sphere to 199kg.
  • Reduced the number of consumable scrolls available to many enemy NPCs.
  • Bugbears now drop their morning stars when killed. 
  • Bugbear morning star now does 1d8 damage instead of 2d8. 
  • Bugbear now has the brute passive to deal extra 1d8 damage. 
  • Changed void bulb to require a Dex saving throw (DC 14). 
  • Void bulb now does 1d4 damage on failed save - previously it did 1 damage.
  • Oak Father's Embrace effect will now only be triggered when the attack hits.
  • Tweaked Shadowheart’s Ability score. Reduced her CHA and increased her STR.
  • Gekh Coal's Animate Dead can only be used on humanoid, small or medium, non-monstrosity targets.
  • Revamped myconid combat and gave them archetypes: Restless, Mossy and Noxious.
  • Made it so that Gnolls approaching the collapsed bridge will jump across the gap, should they need to.
  • Decreased the amount of resources gained by Druid & other spellcasting bosses upon level up.
  • Added a 2 turns immunity to Harpies’ Lured if you manage to resist it. If you do get Lured, then Lured replaces Luring Song for better clarity.
  • Made sure that Luring Song is considered a Charm spell, and can be dispelled by spells addressing those.
  • Gave melee Harpies the Stone Throw action as fallback, should they be unable to reach the player. 
  • Made sure Wood Elf NPCs inherit all the traits & features they should.


  • Fixed a crash when loading a cross-save while the save was still syncing. 
  • Fixed a potential crash triggered when the unfortunate Gnome is freed. 
  • Fixed a possible crash in EffectHandler.
  • Fixed combat in multiplayer possibly causing a crash for other players in a different fight. 


  • Fixed a common issue where NPCs sometimes react to Druid Wildshapes that are no longer active.
  • Fixed attack roll with off-hand weapon not applying a bonus from the ability modifier. 
  • Made several places and items reachable that weren't before.
  • Fixed bugs on ladder climbing animations for Druid that was Wildshaped into Wolf and Deep Rothe.
  • There is more consistent access to lockpicking and key use when freeing Liam from the torture rack.
  • After Gekh tells the player about Thrinn's boots the player can hand them over without restarting the dialogue, if they have already found the boots.
  • Fixed some doors that allowed you to jump through the gaps, because doors shouldn't do that.
  • Fixed damage bonuses that weren't showing up in the Character Sheet and action tooltips.
  • Fixed issue where options were not saving properly after resetting and relaunching the game.
  • Resting will no longer break Fighting Style: Protection
  • Fixed bug where Mol wouldn't return stolen belongings..
  • Fixed twin versions of characters in certain cinematic scenes.
  • Summoned creatures are now unsummoned when the caster is incapacitated.
  • Equipping a lit torch now correctly applies gameplay light to the carrier.
  • Fixed some destroyed objects not playing their destruct animations.
  • Fixed ragdolls not updating when corpses are moved.
  • Fixed Mystra projection. 
  • Moonbeam can no longer be moved with alt+left click drag.
  • Fixed microphone from unmuting when joining a lobby on Stadia.
  • Fixed duergar spore servant dialogues in the Myconid Colony.
  • Reference model of the Spiderling is no longer present in the spell.
  • Fixed the dummy appearing for the door backdraft effect.
  • Fixed some issues with Direct Connect.
  • Fixed being able to walk though standing light sources.
  • Fixed fade to black sometimes persisting for too long in some cinematics.
  • Owlbear Cub and Scratch acknowledgment dialogue will now correctly trigger if the other dies :(
  • Fixed issue where the narrator speaks over cinematics in multiplayer.
  • Fixed the missing character sounds after critical hits.
  • Fixed Goblin War Cry not being usable by the combat AI. 
  • Fixed some non-damage spells removing Mask of Regret status.
  • Fixed Gekh Coals passives not being in line with a regular Duergar.
  • Fixed one of the Minotaur's passives not having display text.
  • Added a ranged spell for Boooal to use if he is stuck and can't reach targets in melee.
  • Fixed a potential blocker in multiplayer when one player is requesting to go to camp, while the other player is entering combat.
  • Fixed issue where characters would move through a door and try to open it from the other side.
  • Combat AI: fixed AI skipping a turn after using a supporting action and then getting interrupted in the following action.
  • Fixed keyboard input rotating the camera when entering character name in the character creator. 
  • Fixed launcher scaling on low resolution or screens with DPI scaling enabled.
  • Fixed not being able to drag an item from the world into a container.
  • Fixed characters floating upwards when picking up a container or other items they collide with. 
  • Fixed several item interactions not working while in turn based mode.
  • Fixed items sometimes falling through the platforms they're placed on. 
  • Fixed multiple Mindmeld cinematics.
  • Shadowheart will now talk to players again after being resurrected at the chapel entrance.
  • Shadowheart will now talk to players again even if they used Lae'zel to free her.
  • Added a couple more metal ladders around Dror Ragzlin.
  • Fixed issue where Rush spell could be applied to targets at a different elevation, allowing the caster to reach positions they shouldn't be able to reach. 
  • Fixed Rush spells that allowed the final position and target to have a big elevation difference, making it possible to target objects on the edge of a cliff while the caster is at the bottom.
  • Fixed downed players/companions getting knocked out when hit with a non-lethal attack. 
  • Gave Yerle & Erna a metal ladder instead of a wooden one. Also tweaked their spells, items, and visuals.
  • Changed colour of Outpost Spiders.
  • Fixed issue where the attack button in Ellyka's dialogue did not initiate combat.
  • Added missing content to 'Origins of Zhentarim' book.
  • Fixed inventory overlapping hotbar when there is a lot of items
  • Fixed issue where the well in Blighted Village couldn't be used a second time. 
  • Fixed localization having issues with symbols `«` and `»`.
  • Fixed overlapping text on the map UI, triggered when player can't travel because of danger.
  • Thulla now waits for players to be close enough before talking. 
  • Killing Sovereign Spaw now completes Glut's quest.
  • Chill Touch tooltip now properly shows duration of 1 turn.
  • Made sure Hobgoblins & Bugbears cannot use tunnels reserved for Goblins.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from talking to a rat in the Torturer's room of Goblin Camp.
  • The correct voiceline is now spoken when you succeed the arcana check on the Illithid device in the transformation room of the Nautiloid.
  • The player character now correctly addresses the state of the Forest area after teleporting there from the Underdark via a Fairy Ring.
  • Fixed several issues with the Mobile feat.
  • Fixed Halsin's Bear Wildshape's weapon attack.
  • If the player dismisses Glut from the party after accepting his quest - Avenge Glut's Circle - Glut will wait at the Ebonlake Grotto instead of the Decrepit Village. 
  • Fixed a bug where attacking Spaw manually (instead of through dialog) during the Avenge Glut's Circle quest prevented the Myconids from becoming neutral after Spaw is killed. 
  • Fixed a bug where Glut's quest - Avenge Glut's Circle - would not proceed correctly if Spaw was attacked by a player character other than the character that Glut was following.
  • Fixed an issue where high approval with Shadowheart causes her default dialogue to stop playing.
  • If Shadowheart is not in your party and is unconscious during the voice of the Absolute event on the Goblin bridge, she will now die. 
  • Fixed an issue with one of Lae'zel's lines lacking audio in the Nautiloid helm.
  • Sneaking and invisible characters are no longer excluded from the initial Nautiloid helm dialog.
  • The dragon scene on the Nautiloid upper deck now also plays for characters in combat.
  • Shadowheart will no longer take offense when players attack the captured thralls on the Nautiloid.
  • The Mindflayer on the Nautiloid will now only betray the player once all present devils have been taken out.
  • Fixed an issue where companions recruited on the Nautiloid did not trigger the devil reinforcements at the Nautiloid helm.
  • Fixed an issue where the dialogue with the transponder did not start.
  • Liam now correctly escapes the torture room if torture rack is destroyed while he is awake.
  • Fixed journal bugs in "Find the Missing Boots" quest.
  • Players now can take Gekh Coal's quest if they resolved his situation peacefully but refused the initial quest offer.
  • Fixed a bug with Thulla's dialogue ending abruptly if you steal her boots then heal her with noblestalk. 
  • Thulla now has Boots of Speed actually equipped.
  • Fixed issue related to ambushes when a player jumped to their death into an ambush/dialogue trigger.
  • Added and revised passive skill descriptions, tooltips, spells, and statuses throughout.
  • Added missing effect for Warlock's Armour of Shadows.
  • Added crime reactions to being charmed, polymorphed, dominated.
  • Added revised origin tag description to Gale.
  • Fixed a bug where kids would attack you if you failed to Detect their Thoughts. They flee now.
  • Replaced the conversation to rescue Benryn by a roll if he's already on fire.
  • Fixed issue where an illusory wall would join the combat order.
  • Fixed issue where Fezzerk's goblins would attack Wyll on sight rather than start his dialogue.
  • Fixed issue where Gale's illusory double would remain around if the conversation with him is skipped.
  • Made the hag's illusory double vanish when attacked.
  • Fixed the hag's quest not closing if you knock out her guest.
  • Arron's items are now owned by him.
  • Performance fix for when killing NPCs out of combat.
  • Feedback when non-guard NPCs notice you Wildshape/disguise after a prison break. Now they'll report this to guards.
  • Fixed persuasion DCs in theft and pickpocket interrogation dialogues that were too easy.
  • A repaired gate will be in Sylvanus' Grove during the siege, if it had previously been destroyed beforehand.
  • Goblin leaders can now be defeated non-lethally.
  • The all-out attack of the Druids now considers characters that have been disabled non-lethally.
  • Fixed bug where the game considered Volo to still be in the Grove after he left.
  • Fixed issue where Wyll and/or Shadowheart fail to properly react when in combat with Druids, after dying during the Goblin attack at the gate and being resurrected. 
  • Added a line to Halsin's dialogue that makes it sound like he made it to the Druid Camp all by himself if that wasn't the case.
  • Fixed when a combination of events would keep Nettie from reacting properly once she reached her workshop.
  • Tieflings will now vacate Druid's Grove if too many are killed or have left.
  • Fixed a bug where a goblin would randomly show up in the Grove if all druids were killed.
  • Druid's Grove ritual now requires at least one druid to remain alive in order to trigger. 
  • Fixed bugs with the gatekeeper of the grove.
  • If player triggers Druids attacking Tieflings and then leaves the Grove, the ritual does not immediately complete.
  • Fixed Goblin Camp not becoming hostile after certain outcomes of Minthara's betrayal.
  • Tweaked certain texts that did not match voice recordings.
  • The Silvanus' Grove waypoint will now be unlocked after combat when Zevlor invites everyone inside.
  • Scratch can now accept all the pets again, as he is a very good boy.
  • Ormn is no longer picky about his fish and will eat them again.
  • Sazza will now correctly become hostile if betrayed during her escape.
  • The Owlbear Cub will no longer spawn then disappear from camp when all the Goblin leaders are killed.
  • Druids will turn hostile if the Rite of Thorns is interrupted by the death of any of the 5 druids performing the ritual.
  • Fixed and improved interaction between Abdirak and the goblins Spike and Lookout Grush.
  • Replaced several books in the Druid Grove by the stone tablets. Tweaked the position of several books.
  • Lae'zel can't be revived after being killed in camp during the night where everyone feels sick. Other companions won't turn hostile when Lae'zel is killed during this scene.
  • Minor fixes to the combat AI of the tutorial Imps.
  • Nadira will now stay at range and throw rocks instead of trying to attack the Bugbear in melee.
  • Fixed Torgga's passives to be consistent with that of a Duergar.
  • Fixed Halsin's Dash spell not appearing on hotbar when in Bear form.
  • Fixed Minotaur, Owlbear, and Hook Horror jump spells not playing intended AoEs.
  • Fixed Bugbear now having proficiency with its morning star.
  • Fixed missing items in trade UI.
  • Fixed wrong skill values in tooltips in character creation.
  • Selune Fort in the Underdark will become a much cosier place when the gem powering the protection statues is destroyed.
  • Made sure poor Bernard can climb ladders.
  • Fixed Goblins that had the wrong AI archetype.
  • Updated item descriptions for a variety of items to make their gameplay links more clear.
  • Characters affected by a Loss of Control status like Surprised or Stunned now have overhead text display above them on their turn.
  • Fixed gameplay issues on Hag's Second Marriage wand.
  • Fixed VFX for Hallucination Spores.
  • Improved navigation around Gnoll Flind fight by making certain rocks walkable.
  • Made sure Pack Tactics can solely be used by Wolves & Hyenas.
  • Made sure that the camera stops on a singing Harpy.
  • Fixed certain wall sconces throughout the game that could not be lit.
  • Gave Ebonlake ships better names.
  • Made sure Drow NPCs had Fey Ancestry.
  • Improved Gehk Coal combat experience by making it possible to shoot through and walk through certain decor items.
  • Improved UX of Gut's shield's Bless/Bane spell ("Word of the Absolute").
  • Plea at the Gates: improved navigation by making the flat rock in front of Zevlor accessible to walk on.
  • Gave Minthara proper Drow armour - changed from ringmail to leather.
  • Fixed crash site's Intellect Devourer that could get stuck trying to jump down its platform.
  • Fixed opening multiple instances of the Pickpocket UI when attempting to repeatedly pickpocket.
  • Fixed character models disappearing sometimes when changing into too many disguises. 
  • Gave Lone Duergar a chill pill so he no longer becomes hostile even if you persuade him to calm down. 
  • Fixed wrong footstep sounds in various location.
  • Fixed missing Imp Sound Vocalization Feedback.
  • Fixed Twitch extension secret key field visibility when it is not filled in.
  • Passives now correctly display additional description.
  • Fixed ability to pin tooltips infinitely.
  • Fixed world map not matching minimap alignment.
  • Spell tooltips now correctly show recharge times.
  • Fixed jump icon keep blinking after it was used.
  • Fixed reward UI not showing after loading when quick saving while the UI was open.
  • Fixed "downed" UI disappearing after loading savegame with downed characters.
  • You can't attack containers inside your inventory anymore.
  • Fixed wrongly aligned elements of lobby.
  • Fixed Double Iron Doors animation.
  • Fixed issue that appeared when lockpicking a chest within your inventory.
  • Fixed the super loud Pig squeal on the Tutorial transponder. No pigs were harmed in this patch.
  • Fixed Dwarves having delayed activation of beards; hair now remains luscious.
  • Fixed issue where Wildshapes would keep custom visuals.
  • Downed players and companions no longer get knocked out when hit with a non-lethal attack.
  • "Critical Hit!" text no longer appears on screen when a downed character is hit with a non-lethal attack. 
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