February 22, 2022

Hotfix #20 Now Live!

Hello everyone,

We’ve got a tasty hotfix for you today, fresh out of the development oven. Hotfix 20 brings Patch 7 to the Apple Mac users. Have fun breaking things as the Barbarian!

Have you ever been so excited to get somewhere that you accidentally injure yourself in the process? Like a toddler and a coffee table, your party members have been so excited to get to where they’re going, they’ve been forgetting about the little things - such as fall damage. We’ve given them a stern talking to, bandaged up their knees and sent them on their way - now, if there’s a safer way to descend, they will. Let’s all make better choices!

Our deepest gratitude goes out to everyone who took the time to report these issues to us via our support team, our social channels, and our forums. We love your feedback, and welcome it with open arms. Thank you for playing Baldur’s Gate 3!



  • Closing containers no longer crashes the game. They were simply too powerful.
  • Sorcerer's robe physics have been disabled in Character Creation and the game no longer crashes when you select the Sorcerer class on a low spec PC. 
  • The game no longer crashes if you are navigating between the Character Features tab and the Inventory and Equipment tab.
  • The game no longer crashes when you click on the Weapon/Equipment Proficiency filter for Summons.
  • The game no longer crashes if Morgya is dead and the Examine window is left open.
  • NPCs will no longer weasel their way into your Party Panel, causing the game to crash.
  • Corpse looting no longer causes a random crash.


  • As a Barbarian, using Frenzy or Animal Rage now drops your concentration.
  • Luring Song now affects characters within range.
  • Us is no longer able to carry items and use consumables.
  • You no longer jitter during the jump into the chasm to the Underdark.
  • You no longer get stuck in terrain at the crash site.
  • NPCs will now react appropriately if Minor Illusion is cast nearby.
  • Dead characters now remain highlighted if they have been selected.
  • The camera no longer gets stuck zoomed out when you finish combat in the Brain Drain lab room on the nautiloid.
  • Pathfinding has been fixed so that characters no longer jump off a high wall - they will use a ladder to get down instead. There's still so much to live for, Gale. Don’t do it.
  • Items no longer teleport into your hand if you try to throw an object before reaching it.
  • The Barbarian character's 'End Rage' SFX will no longer trigger twice.
  • Both Improvised and Thrown weapons now use the correct preview models.
  • In multiplayer, if one player is in dialogue, all players are now able to vote and exit dialogue as intended.
  • Clicking on the equipment slot no longer triggers the point-and-click reaction.


  • You are now able to drag large amounts of gold between character inventories. 
  • Character conditions are now consistently indicated with a purple dot on both the Party Line and the Combat Turn Order UI.
  • Tooltips can no longer be pinned on top of each other in the Character Creation and Level Up screens.
  • While in the Trading UI, hovering over +1 weapons will now display the correct amount of damage.
  • The UI element for Summons, Familiars, and Followers is no longer empty.
  • Fixed the selection hotkey in the Party Panel.
  • Selected characters are now highlighted with a more obvious border in the Party Panel view.
  • Class icons are no longer missing their frame designs in Character Creation.
  • Wild Magic Surge no longer has placeholder icons.
  • In the multiplayer lobby, all player slots are now open by default.
  • Clicking on the greyed out options in the Context Menu no longer does anything.
  • The mind flayer killed in the nautiloid helm cinematic no longer joins the Combat Turn Order UI.
  • The Dexterity ability tooltip now correctly displays the Saving Throw Bonus from the Shield Master feat.
  • The Downed state is now correctly shown by the Party Line outside of turn-based mode.
  • The Advantage tooltip is no longer blank and now shows the correct description.
  • Switching between the keyboard UI and the controller UI will no longer cause information to disappear from the Examine window on Stadia.
  • When using a controller, the text cursor now appears at the end of the string when you try to input text. 
  • Pinning a spell in Character Creation or the Level Up screen will no longer cause the pinned tooltip to appear behind the spell selection panel.
  • The HDR Calibration window is no longer skipped if you are running the game on an HDR-capable device.
  • The Main Hand Attack and Ranged Attack buttons now trigger SFX when hovered over or interacted with.


  • If you have identical spells obtained from different sources, you can now drag both icons onto the Hotbar.
  • Fixed the Passives and Custom buttons in the Hotbar.
  • Switching from the controller UI to the keyboard UI during dialogue no longer brings up the overlapping Hotbar.
  • You can now swap icons across Hotbars.
  • Temporary slots are now removed from all Hotbar decks once they no longer exist.
  • Passives gained from Spells and Weapons are now added to the Passives deck as intended.


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