November 16, 2021

Hotfix #18 Now Live!

Mac M1 users, your time is now. Patch 6, along with our latest hotfixes, is now available to M1 owners, and we hope you’ll agree that it was worth waiting for. Thank you for your patience, and expect even more improvements still to come!

In the Before Times, pre-Hotfix 18, NPC corpses were… a little livelier than we had expected them to be. We’re not sure the Forgotten Realms have invented the electric slide yet, but we’re also pretty confident that they had the moves to pull it off now. Either way - we’ve fixed that now, so that the dead stay dead. This isn’t an episode of your favourite CW show, sorry.

As ever, a sincere thank-you to those of you that take the time to report issues to us via our support team and by your posts on all our social channels. Everything you send us is both helpful and welcome. Thank you for playing Baldur’s Gate 3.

  • Upgraded Steam SDK to support Mac M1.
  • Grymforge waypoint now unlocks upon arrival to the area.
  • NPC corpses stay in place when dead instead of slowly sliding away.
  • Turkish-language players can now join multiplayer sessions with users in other languages.
  • Restored missing animation when characters sheath and unsheath weapons.
  • Fixed a rare issue blocking saves and quicksaves.
  • A slowdown triggered by knocking out and then killing multiple NPCs is no more.
  • Fixed crash when dragging and dropping equipped items into the Trade menu.
  • Improved the sensitivity of hotbar buttons to prevent spells and abilities from being dragged off the hotbar.
  • Fixed a memory leak when creating new save games.
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