August 5, 2021

Hotfix #13 Now Live!

Hey Everyone,

We’ve just rolled out a new hotfix for you!

This hotfix addresses the issue with NPC’s running away from you after using the Wild Shape ability, certain NPC’s will no longer rise from the dead after specific dialogs and your game will no longer crash simply because you committed too many crimes.

Thank you for your support tickets, Reddit, Steam, Forum, Discord and social posts about these issues! Your feedback and bug reports are incredibly helpful to us and we value the time you take to play the game and let us know your thoughts.

Thanks for your support!


  • Fixed a threading crash related to physics when loading a level.
  • Fixed a crash on loading a game where you've committed an egregious amount of crimes.
  • Fixed a crash related to textures when loading a level.
  • Fixed a crash when approaching the Owlbear Cave.
  • Fixed broken NPC behavior when saving while NPCs are reacting to your Wild Shape.
  • Fixed pickpocketing not showing the correct items available for "borrowing".
  • Fixed multiple clicks on the same target opening multiple pickpocket windows.
  • Fixed certain NPCs rising from the dead after specific dialogs.
  • Fixed fur on bear models.
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